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JWconsulting: Dr. Seuss is a Genius

Inspirational thoughts of the day, 3 from the Doctor! Number One is fun and true so read it all the way through… Life leads you in a lot of interesting directions and you have to plan your moves in order … Continue reading

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JWconsultingCo: Three Things I Learned So Far in 2011

We have recently entered the 3rd quarter of 2011 I have learned some stuff since theĀ beginningĀ of the year. There are three major things I will share and the year is just half over so there is time to top all … Continue reading

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JWconsultingCo: What Sells Real Estate? How About the Realtor?

Selling more houses faster is a goal that every Realtor has and there are a number of ways to accomplish that goal. One way to increase sales is to increase the numbers of opportunities to sell and the Free Advanced … Continue reading

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